Utah Gastroenterology - Dr. Fedoravicius on Colon Cancer

How we’re different- At Utah Gastroenterology, we like spending time with our patients. People with digestive difficulties are often embarrassed about discussing them. The first thing our experienced physicians do is help patients feel comfortable talking about their problems. We’re good listeners because we believe that’s where accurate diagnoses begin. We’re also big on following up with our patients by calling them after procedures, surgeries and office visits because we don’t stop caring about our patients when they leave our offices. Let our experienced, board-certified specialists provide the care you need- Digestive problems can be embarrassing, painful and, in some cases, even life-threatening. That’s why it’s always best to seek help from an experienced digestive specialist – a board-certified gastroenterologist. Training and experience are just two of the areas that set Utah Gastroenterology apart. We’ve been helping people throughout Utah for nearly two decades – delivering our university training and research experience to thousands of people to solve their digestive problems. Whether you have acid reflux or abdominal pain or you are ready to have your first colonoscopy at age 50, our friendly Utah gastroenterologists will help you safeguard your most priceless possession – your health.

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