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An argon laser is a sophisticated medical instrument that uses argon gas to emit a stream of light with a particular wavelength that is absorbed by pigments like melanin and hemoglobin, allowing it to pass safely through other materials (such as fluids) without causing harm. Argon laser therapy uses this treatment to address many GI problems, including hemorrhages, dysphagia, mucosal lesions, and strictures. If you are seeking argon laser therapy in Utah, we can help. To learn more about this therapy, contact the gastrointestinal specialists at Utah Gastroenterology to make an appointment.

Thanks to the advanced technology they employ, laser therapies are generally more precise than more traditional surgical options, making them better able to focus on problematic or diseased tissue. Surgical cuts are made shorter and shallower and cause significantly less resulting tissue trauma. People often tend to recover more quickly following laser treatments than what is expected from traditional surgery.


Is argon laser therapy safe?

Every surgery, including laser therapy, carries some risk. However, because of the more focused nature of laser therapy, it is generally considered less of a health risk relative to other surgeries. A few of the possible risks include pain, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection. Your safety is extremely important to the gastrointestinal specialists at Utah Gastroenterology. Discuss with our practice to hear more about the ways we prioritize your safety while making sure you receive effective treatment.

You will receive directions from our Utah GI team explaining what you need to do to prepare for your argon laser treatment. You may be directed to pause taking specific medications that can increase risk during the surgery. You should also plan for a recovery period and make arrangements for a ride home following your surgery, as you will most likely remain somewhat sedated. Please be sure to pose any questions that you may have in reference to the argon laser therapy protocol when you consult with your physician.

It is our goal at Utah Gastroenterology to deliver high-quality gastrointestinal care so that all of our patients can enjoy the benefits of good digestive health. We are proud to provide argon laser treatment in Utah to address a range of gastrointestinal concerns. To learn if argon therapy might be right for you, please contact Utah Gastroenterology to schedule a meeting with a GI specialist.

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Dr. Dopey is great! He takes the time to ask questions and explain everything going on!!

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