When Should You Consult a GI Doctor for Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids often surface as a point of discussion during appointments at Utah Gastroenterology. These inflamed veins in your lower rectum or anus can give rise to discomforting symptoms like itchiness, pain, or even sporadic rectal bleeding. Neglecting these indicators can result in aggravated health conditions.

Recognized as a foremost authority in gastrointestinal wellness, Utah Gastroenterology strives to enlighten patients through accurate information. Read on to gain useful insights from GI professionals throughout Salt Lake City and St. George, UT on handling hemorrhoids and when consulting a qualified healthcare provider is essential.

How does knowing the specific type of hemorrhoids benefit your treatment?

Being adequately informed can make all the difference in tackling health challenges such as hemorrhoids. Typically, hemorrhoids come in two main forms:

  • External hemorrhoids: These are situated under the skin near your anus and usually cause more pain.
  • Internal hemorrhoids: These reside inside your rectum and are less likely to hurt but can sometimes bleed.

Distinguishing between the two can be pivotal in guiding your healthcare decisions.

Is it possible for hemorrhoids to diminish without medical intervention?

A frequent query among patients is if hemorrhoids might disappear on their own. While some milder cases could show improvement without treatment, it’s generally advised to consult a GI specialist for a thorough diagnosis and treatment regimen.

What signs should prompt immediate medical consultation for hemorrhoids?

Persistent signs like continual itchiness, relentless pain, or the sight of blood in your bowel movements should not be ignored. These are cues to schedule an immediate check-up at one of our St. George or Salt Lake City, UT locations. Possible treatment measures could include:

  • Special creams and medicated ointments
  • Warm water baths to alleviate discomfort
  • High-fiber diet adjustments
  • Options like hemorrhoid banding
  • Surgery for severe cases, if needed

For internal hemorrhoids, often a simple increase in dietary fiber can suffice, but surgical interventions might be needed in more severe cases.

Consult Utah Gastroenterology for immediate hemorrhoid care

Postponing medical care for hemorrhoids could worsen your condition. Timely healthcare intervention is crucial. If you experience signs of hemorrhoids, you are highly advised to contact the nearest Utah Gastroenterology location in the Salt Lake City area. Our expert team of GI specialists in Salt Lake City and St. George will offer a thorough diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for you. Don’t hesitate — schedule your appointment today.

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