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Rectal (or anal) bleeding is the passing of blood from the large intestine through the anus. When you have rectal bleeding, it is thought to be blood that stems from your lower bowel or rectum, despite the fact that the rectum comprises the lower section of the large intestine. This form of bleeding is usually bright red, though it may be a darker crimson color. It might show up in your stool, after you wipe yourself with toilet tissue, or in the toilet bowl. Anal bleeding can be a result of various GI health concerns and should be reviewed by a healthcare professional. In the event that you have been experiencing rectal bleeding, our GI doctors at Utah Gastroenterology can help. Our doctors can evaluate the condition and work to offer the right treatment. Please reach out to our GI facility in Utah today.

Anal bleeding might be a consequence of numerous digestive health disorders. If you've experienced anal bleeding and are uncertain of the reason, it is vital that you get scheduled to meet with a gastrointestinal specialist. Several standard reasons for anal bleeding are:

  • A rectal ulcer (a small split in the tissue that lines the rectum)

  • Intestinal growths

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Trouble having a bowel movement

  • Dry bowel movements

  • Diverticular disease (an out-pouching formed on the intestine wall)

Our team frequently treats patients who suffer from anal bleeding in Utah and is happy to work with patients to address the cause of their bleeding. We know how uncomfortable this condition can be, so we will do all we can to ensure the remedy is found as soon as possible.

At Utah Gastroenterology, our providers treat anal bleeding in stages according to the cause and severity of the symptom. For bleeding resulting from conditions such as a rectal cut or hemorrhoids, you might be given topical ointments or a rectal suppository. For more serious rectal bleeding, it is likely that you could need IV liquids or donated blood for dire bleeding. Regardless, it is important to set up an appointment at our Utah digestive health practice so that you can find the best treatment for you.

If you have experienced bleeding from the anus, we urge you to schedule a consultation at our Utah gastrointestinal practice today. Our knowledgeable team of gastrointestinal physicians will offer the care needed in order to get to the bottom of your gastrointestinal troubles. Reach out to Utah Gastroenterology today to learn more.

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Dr PJ Pedersen is an excellent doctor, explains everything to you in full detail. His nurse Whitney is excellent as well. These two return your calls and you can tell that they truly care for their patients. I would have given them 100 stars if I was able to.

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From pleasant office staff at very early in the morning; the patient and knowledgeable nursing staff to Dr Moore taking the time to answer questions before my procedure, I had an optimal experience.

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Both my husband and I have gone to Dr. Pedersen for several years. Been pleased with him, his staff and the ladies in front. Very great Dr.

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Easy going, friendly, and helpful for my concerns.

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Dr Fenton explained the process very well

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