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Certain factors and health conditions can cause your skin and the whites of your eyes to take on a yellowish appearance. With adults, the origin might be because of liver dysfunction, blocked bile ducts, or cholecystitis (redness and swelling in the gallbladder). It takes place as an effect of elevated levels of bilirubin (the red-orange pigment formed during the destruction of red cells) within the blood. The concern can also be commonly seen in infants when the immature liver is not able to filter out bilirubin fast enough. At Utah Gastroenterology, we can help determine what might be causing this symptom. If you would like further details about what produces yellowing of the skin and eyes and the reasons why it shows up, arrange a visit with our Utah GI doctors.

Yellowing of the eyes and skin is usually associated with liver problems; however, it is also a symptom of a genetic blood condition called thalassemia, in which the body doesn't produce enough hemoglobin. Yellow coloring of the eyes and skin can further arise from the following ailments:

  • Hepatic cancer
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Alcohol-related liver conditions
  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis E
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Infection
  • Hepatitis D, Hepatitis A
  • Blocked bile ducts
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Cirrhosis

In the event that yellow color of the skin and eyes is the result of an infection, individuals can additionally have chills, fever, abdominal pain, flu-like indicators, dark-colored urine, and clay-colored stool. If it is determined that the yellow color is not because of an infection, individuals may have a drop in weight or itching of the skin (pruritus). The experts can uncover the root cause of this symptom and offer the appropriate intervention you need to ease the yellowing of the eyes or skin in Utah patients.

Yellowing of the eyes and skin is commonly a sign of an existing health issue that needs to be addressed. Yellow-colored skin and eyes can signal a symptom of a problem in the pancreas, liver, or gallbladder. Patients should locate care for this concern once it is noticed. It is necessary to get timely care to allow the right therapy to be given. The intervention for yellow-colored skin and eyes will be based on the root cause. As an example, when a person has acute viral hepatitis, the yellow tone will diminish on its own when the liver begins to recover. If a blocked bile duct is at fault, a surgical operation might be needed. If you want to hear additional information about the markers and treatments for yellowish eyes and skin, please visit a gastrointestinal physician at Utah Gastroenterology. Our doctors will walk you through your treatment options and advise which is best for you.

It is crucial to connect with a medical professional as soon as possible should ever notice a yellow hue in your skin or eyes. It is commonly a sign of a current health problem that needs a diagnosis. Call the leading digestive health providers at Utah Gastroenterology to set up a consultation. Our providers are happy to offer treatment for yellowing of the eyes and skin in Utah and can help guide you to the ideal solution for your health needs.

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