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Nausea is often reported as a sick or funny feeling in the stomach accompanied by an urge to throw up. Queasiness is a frequent occurrence of a variety of problems. This feeling might take place due to an undiagnosed condition, because of foodborne illness, or as a result of bacterial or viral infections.

Our physicians at Utah Gastroenterology will help you find some relief from your nausea problem. We want all of our patients to be able to enjoy their daily lives free from the burden of GI problems. Allow our providers in Utah to help boost your vibrance and well-being.

Before we can establish a treatment plan for your nausea, your gastroenterologist will need to determine what is causing the symptom to begin with. A comprehensive exam and a blood panel are generally conducted to find out why you are experiencing nausea. Further testing and treatments might be necessary. To learn more about the ways our GI practice will assist you, make an appointment at Utah Gastroenterology today.

If you have been experiencing nausea for 24 hours or longer, professional care is strongly advised so that whatever is causing your discomfort can be diagnosed and treated. Finding the care needed for nausea doesn't have to be a hard process. Whenever you have an appointment with our Utah digestive health specialists, we make sure that your experience at our office goes seamlessly. Call our team to hear more regarding the ways our team can assist you.

If your nausea has become too much of a problem to manage on your own, then rely on our staff of world-class digestive health specialists at Utah Gastroenterology. They routinely treat nausea in Utah individuals and have the knowledge along with the expertise required to help you get back to living comfortably. Arrange an appointment today to get started.

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Very friendly staff. Thorough with questions and answering mine.

K.O. Google

Friendly staff and bright PA, great overall experience.

D.E. Google

Despite my Google name, my name is Jenea G.A. I have been a patient of Dr. Maxwell’s for about three years. He got me on track and got my gut healing a couple of years ago but I have found myself struggling again. I have been struggling for months with vomiting and nausea and severe stomach pain. I had switched insurances and so I was with other doctors. When I found out that Dr. Maxwell takes my insurance I started to cry. I met with Dr. Maxwell this past week and left with more help than I’ve had in months. THANK YOU!! I was reassured because he had gotten me in shape before. I know we can do this, and I am so grateful for such an incredible doctor and would recommend him to anyone. He cares.

J.S. Google

Pleasant, prompt, proficient and professional.

J.M. Google

He has been the best Dr. for what he does.

M.F. Google


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