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An impacted bowel, also known as fecal impaction or an intestinal/bowel obstruction, is a GI disorder that arises when stool hardens in the intestine and becomes stuck, blocking other objects from passing and disrupting the passage of waste from the body. If you've noticed that you're unable to pass stool or let out gas, in addition to having abdominal pain and a bloated stomach, an intestinal obstruction could be the cause. When this problem occurs, it is imperative to get care from a GI physician to preserve your well-being. At Utah Gastroenterology, our experienced providers commonly meet with patients who struggle with an impacted bowel. If you want additional info on this problem or to obtain obstructed bowel assistance in Utah, we urge you to get in touch with our team whenever you're able.

A bowel obstruction will often result in abdominal discomfort and swelling around the stomach. They could also involve the following:

  • Liquid feces falling out of the rectum
  • Intense pain or discomfort in the stomach
  • Bloating
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Feeling like you need to push
  • A headache
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • A feeling of fullness or having no appetite

In the event that you experience any of the indicators listed above, talk to a digestive health provider at Utah Gastroenterology to get urgent care for your impacted bowel.

A bowel obstruction can be either partial (allowing some waste to pass) or total (completely blocking digested materials). It is necessary to arrange a visit as quickly as you can if you've been unable to solve the obstruction on your own with constipation relievers or over-the-counter remedies, as the obstruction may create a critical concern when not treated adequately.

Care for a blocked bowel will differ. Upon pinpointing the cause of the blocked bowel, the treatment can vary from manual extraction to rectal injection of fluid (water irrigation). Once you have treatment, you may also employ proactive steps to avoid a future obstruction. This process could involve establishing a good fiber and fluid intake and exercising regularly to aid in digesting your food.

Skilled care from our skilled Utah gastrointestinal specialists is simply an appointment away. We can navigate you in the right direction for the best care.

For assistance finding treatment for a bowel obstruction in Utah, please reach out to our team at your earliest convenience. The providers at Utah Gastroenterology will give you the care you need to get back to your regular routine. Our board-certified specialists will help you receive the treatment necessary to help ensure that your GI problem won't progress to a bigger, more serious condition.

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