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A fistula is an opening or connection that can form between two organs or other structures in the body. Fistulae may occur due to disease, inflammation, or injury or may be surgically induced for medical effects. Multiple kinds of fistulae can occur within a person's body, usually diagnosed as one of four types:

  • Complex: multiple connections impacting more than one organ
  • External: a tunnel connecting an area of the gastrointestinal tract to the skin
  • Extraintestinal: a connection between an area of the intestine to another organ in the body
  • Intestinal: a connection between two different sections of the intestine

Fistulae that form in GI organs can impact your health and wellness in a variety of ways. If you need care for a fistula, our Utah providers are ready to assist. Request an appointment with a GI physician at a Utah Gastroenterology location near you to receive proper care for a fistula.

There are a handful of factors that may lead to the development of a fistula. These factors can also influence how the fistula forms and what type it is. Generally, the common causes of fistula formation involve:

  • Certain diseases (including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease)
  • Injury or trauma
  • Having a fistula at birth
  • Infection
  • Complication from a surgical procedure

To find out more about fistulae, request a consultation with one of our experienced gastroenterologists in Utah. Our team looks forward to discussing this health concern with you and helping you identify an ideal treatment option for your situation.

Fistulae can present with different symptoms based on the form they take and how severe they are. Some of the common signs and symptoms of fistulae associated with the digestive tract often involve:

  • Discomfort or pain
  • Undernourishment
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased pulse rate

Treatment strategies for fistulae vary according to their severity and where they form in the body. Some fistulae resolve and close on their own, without the need for care. At other times, fistulae can be treated with a surgical procedure or using medication. Talk with your GI specialist at Utah Gastroenterology to determine the optimal treatment approach for your health.

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The experienced GI providers at Utah Gastroenterology proudly offer high-quality care so that every patient can enjoy an improved quality of life. If you are seeking care for a fistula in Utah, request a visit with our team today. We will partner with you to understand your issues and provide the treatment you require.

He sat down in the exam room and talked. And asked questions. And listened. And took notes. And thought. And asked more questions. And listened. And took more notes. And thought. And explained things. And formulated a treatment plan, and explained it, and gave me hand-written instructions. Never rushed. Very calm and personable. It was one of the best office visits with an MD that I've ever had. Which is a relief since it took two months to get the appointment.

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Dr. Voaklander and her team were very caring and considerate. No one looks forward to this procedure, but They made it as painless and stressfree as possible. Dr. Voaklander took the time to discuss the results post-operatively and made sure I understood before leaving the hospital.

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Dr. Frech has always been thorough, answer questions clearly and discusses treatment options for me. I don’t feel rushed and I believe he is quite knowledgeable concerning my GI issues

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Both my husband and I have gone to Dr. Pedersen for several years. Been pleased with him, his staff and the ladies in front. Very great Dr.

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Great doctor!

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